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A Hot Air Balloon Ride for two to six people can be purchased for a gift or your own use. We recommend getting on the schedule asap, especially if you want to fly as near a specific date as the weather allows. The next available flight could be as early as this weekend but it's usually several weeks at least. We require a minimum of 5 days notice to reschedule a flight without a no show charge.

We no longer mess with tickets, just pay cash the day of the flight.


 Tickets are transferable but are NOT REFUNDABLE.

A Hot Air Balloon Ride in our balloon with room for up to six passengers (temperature and weight permitting, up to 1,200lbs. when it's less than 55F, warmer weather decreases lift) can be purchased by filling out the information form below and emailing me to discuss your plans and payment method.

These are private exclusive charters just for your group, you won't have to fly with strangers, unless you know some strangers you want to bring with you.

2 person $600
3 person $800
4 person $1000
5 person $1200
6 person $1400

Prices are the grand total, no taxes or surcharges. Gratuities not included.

You are dealing with the Balloon owner and Pilot, not a ticket broker.
We don't deal with 3rd party ticket brokers.

Buy local Fly local

You can pay cash the day of the flight, sorry no checks.

You can also pay by credit card through PayPal the day before.

Please include the date (in the form field below) if you would like to wait until after a specific day.

When you submit your information, Email or text me also so we can discuss your plans and payment method. I can send an e-mail to the address you provide with a link to pay by PayPal if this will be a gift.


Advertisement: Pay by Credit or Debit Card with or without setting up a PayPal account.
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This is the form you will need to complete to send us your information to make your reservation.

E-Mail Address:

Number of Passengers:
    limit 6 or 1200 lbs. total
Names of Passengers:

Ages of Passengers:

Total Weight of Passengers:

Contact Phone Numbers:
Cell Phone1:
Call this number First:
Cell Phone2:
Call this number First:
Home Phone:
Call this number First:
Work Phone:
Call this number First:
Best time to call:


Notes we discussed on the phone:

Not Before Date:

Days you are available to fly when the weather allows: It will be sunrise only until it cools off in the fall.

Monday am pm
Tuesday am pm
Wednesday am pm
Thursday am pm
Friday am pm
Saturday am pm
Sunday am pm

Please tell us how you heard about us

Type submit in this box                all lower case. So we know you aren't a robot.

I hope this answers your questions. If you would like to discuss it in more detail, feel free to TEXT OR EMAIL me at text#4056982359


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