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We are available on Fridays and Saturdays at Sunrise and most any day 2 hours before sunset on days the winds calm down early enough and its below 80 degrees.

We fly at Sunrise when it's hot or two hours before Sunset when it's cold, it all depends on the weather when we get a clear day and the winds are 8 mph or less. Spring or Fall could have a mixture of Sunrise and Sunset depending on the Temperature.

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Looking for a hot air balloon ride in the Oklahoma City area?
You've come to the right place.

Don't put it off any longer,
We can't wait to fly and neither should you.

Free Spirit Balloons is THE Hot Air Balloon flight company for your Balloon Ride.

 Hot Air Balloon Flight Oklahoma City 26 Dec 2004

That's me in the middle at the top.
We fly year round in the NW OKC, OK area weather permitting.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Oklahoma City Aerial View to the South

We can fly anywhere from just above the tree tops in the open country side to high above the city (1,000 feet or more) where you can see for miles.
As we drift peacefully across the sky, it feels like we are standing still and the world is turning slowly beneath us. Most flights cover about 5 to 15 miles depending on the wind speed and direction.

Hot Air Balloon Ride Oklahoma City Aeiral View

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Come back after your flight to download pictures taken by our ground crew during your flight by clicking Flight Pics.


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Hot Air Balloon Ride Oklahoma



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